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Wedding Studio CS4

Wedding Studio CS4 is an After Effects CS4+ file that use the standard tools, and have some matte transitions ready to use.
The slide show have 10 place holders, and the main native comp is 1920×1080 full HD.he comp is build in a modular structure, so you can easily add more images or text.Tutorial included show how to do this.
A separate project using the same images is ready to go with some B&W presets ready to use.A compressive graphic interface let you chosse from 3 different type of particle transition for the text or the main transitions.
The files have been encrypted with the ExpressionUniversalizer
script, so you should be able to open in your default language without any warning.
A part of the 9 B&W + sepia tone presets, you will find 6 cinematic color presets .
Those presets are build with close up shots in mind, and have some keyframeable controls like vignette, and exposure spot ,in order to refine and enhance the dark and light areas of the image.
4 different grain PS files are provide to use in the overlay mode on top of your images to give a cinematic texture to your shots or pictures.
I hope you find this package useful

Preset Docs

download the PDF docs for the color presets.Additional B&W + Sepia tone are included in the file.
Download Preset Docs
Thank for your time,

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Free wedding Encore dvd menu

I Thought it would be useful for you to have a wedding DVD (Encore) to add with with your file presentation.So if you bought the file here is the free dvd menu if you didn’t buy the file,no problem i m happy with that, as long you find it useful.Will post soon a small tut on how to.Thanks, Arthur[/two_columns_last]
[reveal width=”640″ title=”How to customize the Wedding studio DVD menu” ][/reveal]

Use Wedding Studio’s Transition in Premiere Pro

Wedding Studio transition in Premiere Pro

After Effects Wedding files

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