Wedding & Honeymoon


The Wedding & Honeymoon gallery have: 48 place holders, 20 animated flourishes, 11 color presets 3 different backgrounds. This is a CS5 Project Native format of horizontal and vertical pictures from cameras have been preserved.Expression Universalizer scrip have been applied in order o open the project in non english language without error. Images in the preview can be found on Photo dune. 3 short tutorial explain how to replace text and images, flourishes & preset overview,how to extend the project.(advanced). Music and images are not included in the final zip.



In this short tutorial we will see how to replace the images and text in the file.Also we will see how to curve a text on a path for the backgrounds images.


In this video we will see some of the extra content of this project, like the color prest, and the animated flourishes.

In this tutorial we will cover how to add more place holders in the project.This involve a little beat of practice but we all jave to sarta at some point 🙂


Presets Included Overview


Wedding Color presets after effects

Wedding Color presets after effects

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