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Wedding Hearts CS4

Wedding Hearts is a 3d gallery where you can display up to 15 place holder, plus text.This file is suitable for wedding of course but also fo any kind of special event, birthday, renewal…
1280×720,30 fps, 16 bit pc.
This Project use the Expression Universalizer script witch allow you to open it in different language.
3 ready colored project ,Pink,Red,Blue
Easly Replace place holder by text
Control the most important effects of all place holder and text from one layer.
Images included if you found them useful,
Music not included
Basic Html plus video assistant for the customization.
Thanks for watching,
Preview the Red comp
Preview the Blue comp

Update April 27,2011

[reveal width=”300″ title=”watch how to add more place holders” ]

Add more Place holders
Video Tips watch how to add more place holders and text to the project.Be sure to extend the final comp to the new duration !

Download the video


After Effects Wedding files

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8 thoughts on “Wedding Hearts CS4”

  1. real intresting, poor english but i do lean some thing that definately will change he look of my videos i wish to lean more

  2. Hello Arthur I bought your project, you could send me the music and effects give thanks to the project. Thank you

  3. I purchased a wedding templet from you. I was able to change text, but how do I import media in Placeholders

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