Vuelve (DJ Buxxi)


I’ m currently in the process of rendering the versions of the musical video of Buxxi, the video was shoot with a Canon 5D Mark 2 and we use our Zeiss 50 and 21 mm.Some of the shots on the roofs have been take with the Canon 70-200 witch give a great dept of field.

The small Go Pro have been used too, for the underwater shots, and car scenes.De noise has been very helpful for the GoPro shots.

The first editing was made into Premiere Pro CS5, then the project was loaded into After Effects CS5.5.The new lenses flares of GenArts Sapphire V6 have been used for this vid.
Mocha and Camera Tracker where used for tracking the roof title, and boat name.Most of the color correction has been made with Level,Mojo,and Colorista 2.The last one was used especially with the secondary key tool and apply a little beat of negative pop for the smooth skin effect.
This vid was made during a short visit of the singer on the island before his tour in Central America
Here is a couple of shot of after and before, BG render of Aescript is now rendering the vimeo version of the video.



I will publish the final vid as soon it will be public, Thank for reading !

Colorista or Cosmo ?

Retouching the skin to remove some imperfections is often required in video.Magic Bullet Cosmo do a wonderful job for sure, but if you already have MB Colorista 2 you can reach very similar result with the use of the secondary key.Here is the small tip.


Colorista VS Cosmo

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