This cinema 4D project file is composed from 16 short C4D files, very easy to customize and fast to render.
In Cinema change the text and render in the destination folder.
In AE drag and drop your footage (960×540) in the place holders.
I made this file for users with no experience in Cinema4D.
You will need the mograph module.

If you know your way in C4D, better for you, play around and have fun.
By following the simple instructions in the video tuts, you will be able to customize and render this animation.

The soundtrack is included in the file.

OF+Trapocode where prerender (png sequence).
Original layers can be edit.

This file can be open in different language without expression error thanks to the
ExpressionUniversalizer script of

Link the the fonts is included.
For the final AE text
i used Helvetica Neue,and Arial

For most advanced user, I’ve included all layers of instruments and sound FX in order for you to create your own sound edit based on you need.

Almost all the C4d animation are with an In and OUT transition, so you can mix the comps in different ways, and match the sound, for a unique and reusable animation

Really i can say that this file is made and organize with beginners in mind.

Render time are shorts, the AE customization very simple.
27 minutes for the AE render,and longer C4D render was 13 minutes.(most of them 3/4 minutes)
(8 core 16 gb Ram)

The final result is an impacting broadcast 3d animation,with stunning sound track ready to go.
Give it a try,and let me know 🙂

When you will open the C4D file you will find only the text enabled, change it and render.Very simple.


Preview C4D snapshot

Preview AE snapshot


C4D tutorial



AE CS4 tutorial


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