Times Square

Times Square is a 3d City where you can show your text and media in more than 25 displays .
All the Place holders are numbered and display the size of your content .Easy to customize.As explained in the detailed Pdf doc, in some of the place holder you can add more text and medias.
By unzip the project you will find 4 folders.
The Helps Docs.
(links to the fonts used in the preview are included if you need )
2.The reference projectt (the one used to render the single comps, not the preview, you will find some grid effects, and offset used for the preview).
3.The reference videos, 4 flv of the single comp rendered.(Day,Night,Trapcode+OF,plus a blank place holder one.This one will be very helpfull during the customization process.).

4.The Times Square Project folder, where you will find 2 projects.One with only the day & Night comp, without need of Xtra plugins ,and one with the 2 mentioned comps, + the Particular V2+O/flares
I personally suggest to work on the Trapcode+OF one in order the avoid create your place holders twice.
Single comp time 1.35 min.

Backgrounds editable W/Ramp effect or other (buffer included)
DOF amount,color lights,and all intensity lights controlled by their own layer.
Use the grid effects or take advantage of the great script “LCD Effect” of Tatsuro Ogata to enhance the look of your place holders.
Preview screen shots and tips of the project
You may need some assets to populate non relevant place holders, so here are the one used in the preview.Feel free to use them in your project
Dowload the Help docs
Dowload the preview FLV file


Preview Day Composition
Preview Night Composition
Preview Trapcode Composition

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