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[hozbreak]The pre render version is available in the main .zip file
[reveal align=”left” title=”Description” ]Voyager is a travel/holiday/photography template.The project have a modular structure,40 place holders , easily retime your entire gallery or a single place holder duration.Greats after effects …

My Life

[reveal width=”640″ title=”Description” ]

This file can be used for an extended category of themes, like family , sport activities,entertainment ,party,or just simply share your best pictures with your friends in a different and unique way.
The project is modular

Our Trip

Our Trip is an image gallery of 15 place holders, with a separate earth animation (prerender) intro witch you can use for different project. I set up the file for travel and photo vacation purpose, but the generic atmosphere …

Travel Now

Travel Now is an After Effects CS3 image gallery,with 8 pictures all falling from different direction.A smooth camera fly througt the images with a subbtle dept of field give to this file the feel of an elegant image gallery.The main …