Spiral Logo C4D

Spiral Logo C4D


This file require C4D R14 with the Mograph module.
No after effects project needed in order to render this animation as you see it in the preview.
The preview is the result of a Tiff sequence tendered out of the C4D Project.

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Adavanced users can take advantage of the multipass option of course.
The entire animation has 300 frames at 29,97 fps, 10 second long.
The render time is more than acceptable ,one hours and something on my machine with the setting I explain in the ocumentation.


What you need to do is replace the logo spline, and one tweak in the spline effector.
The customization is this file is very basic.

The 23 minutes video tutorial explain how to save your vector out of Illustrator, import your splaine into C4D
scale,resize and positioning your logo, and the final text, plus some other additional info on the render settings I used.


The background sound is included in the zip file, u can do what ever you want with it.