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Simply Red

Simply Red is an After effects CS4 project that display 12 medias, video or still image, full HD1920 x 1080, 24 fps. The size of your content should be 900 x 506 px. the project is 46 sec long, but can be easly extended. One color control to change the look of the entire file.Click on the colored picture to watch the quick demo. Watch How to change colors. Render Queue as already set up with different format.(1280720,960×540,640×360) An additional project in the box contain extended scenes if you want to add,remove place holder or change the order of apparition. This will allow you to extend your file with 10 more place holder,and to play around with time. Screen shot Extended Project

Video Help

You will find a a 20 minutes video help on how to customize, and extend the project, and of course if you need more help do not hesitate in contacting me

The sound

The music is extract from “Late nite trip ” from fobee at Audio jungle and can be find here thanks George ! Preview AE screen shot

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