Movimiento de Caderas

Movimiento de Caderas

We start on Thursday to shoot another music video for the young group RayoYToby.The song is Movimiento de Caderas, Our two guys will receive the order from their boss to explore one of the last crazy tribu on a small island.More to follow, but here is a screen shot on one of the clip shoot with the Canon 5D. and 50 mm Zeiss.Note that the same day i received the 2 box from B&H with all my new toys, one of them the small Lilliput 7LCD monitor, very helpful.Stay tuned!


Update June 13,2011

Few week lather,finally the project is here ready to go in AE.Several shots will use basic tracking of screen, holo, and more stuff.I m using Mocha for the planar tracking.For the first shot oi know will require to go i AE, from premiere CS5.5 I simply right click and choose “replace with AE comp” this is a kind of magic… here is a Screen shot.


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