NOTE: This Project require Trapcode Particular V2.5 + Optical Flares.


The project is made of 15 compositions you can mix together in order to have unique edits. The first 3 sequences are made of still images in 3D space with debris falling made of particular. Almost all comps have an in and out camera action in order to fit edits cut.One 6 sec comercial cut ready.
Only on screen place holders are visible in the comps, other compositing layers are hidden.
The customization of the file is vey easy.


The first tutorial show an overview of the project and how to customize it.

The second tutorial show an example on how to edit the main 3D footage in Premiere Pro ( or you can edit in other NLE and import in Premiere an XML) and the import the edit in After Effects and replace the comps.


Sound track have been rendered in mute mode in order for you ,if you buy the song, ti just replace the songs and have the same edits of the preview.

Sound FX are included and free to use in this and other projects.

In this tutorial we will have an overview of the project, how and where to replace content.

In this tutorial I demonstrate the very basic workflow on editing in Premiere Pro and import your project in After effects.The editing part in premiere make much more easy to edit in realtime and have precise cuts.Importing the Premiere Pro Project and Replace with the original compositions is very easy and the job is done in a few minutes