Cinema Display CS4

The Hive Cinema Display is a Quick time png 3D render , with 5 place holders and real AE lights. Two adjustment layers control the most important element of the scene.The image are 640×360, and your logo should be save with an alpha channel.A basic pdf help demonstrate how to replace logo, text and images, and a 14 min video help show some advanced featured and extended options to insert 3D element in the scenes.You will find 4 separate files, with a gold, red, and blue BG, plus a file without bg, so you can just add yours.The file is a Cinema 4d render with some special passes like reflection and object buffer.There is also a comp with a total transparent Background, where you can insert your own bg or simply add a flat solid.The Cinema 4D project is available if you need it , also if you’re interested with the sound, let me know.I will upload a tutorial on how to insert 3D element on the display, like text or fake screen.
Update Oct 2,2010
Ok this was for the basic description, here are the preview of the other project included in the zip:

Preview AE Project screen shot

Dowload the preview FLV file



Since the camera is exported from Cinema 4d, here is teh way to zoom in the scene

Tips Cinema Display from flashato on Vimeo.


7 thoughts on “Cinema Display CS4

  1. Very cool…I really liked the Hive Cinema Display. It looks to be perfect for a 30-second clip to display my photos. I am interested in purchasing the product for use with my photos but have a couple of questions. Do I need any additional software to make this work or is it a stand alone program? Is it really as simple as dropping in the photos? Is the soundtrack also included and/or available? I am not sure what you mean by “your logo should be save with an alpha channel”.

    Thanks in advance, Kurt

  2. Hi Kurt,
    what you need to have is just After Effects cs4, and when i say Alpha channel, I mean with a transparent background.There is a pdf help about the replacement of the pictures, and for the sound, once purchased send me a mess from the Video Hive contact page,and I will send you the link.Please do not hesitate in contacting me if you need more info,

  3. hello
    really cool job , I just bought it ,

    I am trying to replace your images with my pictures and videos but you have fail so fare for the videos can you help. please tell me i can include short videos because i kind of release you have mention a 14 minutes videos which is the tutorial and not one to be replace


  4. Does any of the music or sound come with it? And if not, can you point out where it came from if I buy the AE project. Thanks.

  5. yes once you purchase the file send me a mess from my Video Hive contact page, and I will send you the link,

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