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Element 3D project Files

There will be soon a new category on Video Hive with project files using Element 3D.Those project will need to have the plugin installed in order to render the final movie.
It is very important to have the After …

Batch Replace images in After Effects

Sometimes, especially at the very beginning of your after effect experience, you can have some trouble in replacing image from templates, or at least, you want to try something different in order to have all your images ready in the …

Multiple Easy Cam

Easy cam is a great script of the CS Tools and this is my small work around on how to use more than one instance of Easy Cam on stage for your smooth animation

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Constrain Tag in Cinema 4D

In this short tip will will see how to constrain tag with the aim option in Cinema 4D
This is the simple technique used in some of the scene of the Syk Sports template.

Constrain example in C4D from …

c4d tools

I always try to start learning new softwares with they own standard tools, in order to follow the steps in my learning curves without crazy jump in this process.
Majority of plugin do what the software can do but in …

Mograph funky text

This is an exercise i did where for the first time I applied some basic expresso tags to my animation.I never been a coding guy, and the scripts and nodes things are not my best friends.But.. in this case i …