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I always try to start learning new softwares with they own standard tools, in order to follow the steps in my learning curves without crazy jump in this process.
Majority of plugin do what the software can do but in an easy way.In C4d the modeling process can be difficult if you don t have a a decent modeler background like me.
One think I did had trouble at starting was the bend deformer and the way it is applied by default in Cinema 4D.
Another task that often make me loose some time as a beginner was the split command.I knew what i wanted, but sometime the process was not smooth.


On c4dtools, i found this couple of solutions that really help me out on those process and speed up my workflow.
Pydeform give instant real control on what you need to deform, without having to messing up with deformer size, orientation ..Even if it s important to understand the basic of axis system in c4d, sometime you just need to have the deformer work as expected.
Here is the demo video of version 2, I just bought V3 witch have a couple of more feature, but this is what this plug do.

Original description

Twenty-five built-in deformers to choose from Automatically positions and re-sizes the deformer so you dont have to! Update deformer orientation AND size on the fly! Huge time-saver and efficiency booster!

Perfect Split

Perfect split is another of those tittle button that can save your time do what you need to have done, without having to get crazy around specially if you re in a big scene.
It just split and present the new piece as expected.A great time saver !And It’s a

free c4d plugin !

Original description

Perfect Split is a modeling companion tool that takes a polygon selection and ‘splits’ it out of the object and paste the selection as a new object. The original object is left with a hole. Combined the two objects are a perfect fit. Some Uses: making flush panels for thing like sliding doors, robot compartments, etc etc.

Here the demo.



c4d tools

Is a great place to find plenty cool things to speed up your workflow on Cinema 4d, plus a couple of great models.
The spline cam is another of my favorite one.
The site is quite new,Robert leger ,the site manager, is very well know in the c4d world(I really like some of the flower tuts..).When I m at c4dtools,I feel like to be aescript.com.A nice place, nice people, nice stuff.Check it out! c4d tools