This project use the ray traced option in After Effects, and you need to have your graphic card drivers up to date.

The project is made of 7 parts with their own in and out transition.
This mean you can change the order and mix them together in a modular way.
The main parts are render in quick time jpeg at 30 fps, 1920×1080px.
The project can be used for sports,action or any kind of high energy content.
You will have control over the main colors of the file in one place.
The color control comp will allow to quickly change color of the background, and the wheels.

1 project contain the rendered part of optical flares,
1 project the original layers in case you own the plugin

Sound FX are included in the final zip ExpressionUniversalizer haas been applied to both versions


Basic customization of the file, check how to change text,place holders, and color scheme of the file

This tutorial is dedicated to the replacement of the extruded logo in Ray traced mode for the project