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Air Logo CS3

Air Logo is a quiet and peaceful animation made from still images, entirely edited in after effects without external filters. 30 sec long,1920×1080,24 fps Note that your logo must be saved¬† an alpha channel and have to fit some dimensions as I explain in the html+video docs. A basic video example of time remapping is part of the documentation in order to explain how to manage time, to speed up the clip or ,and play with time. Since I know some of you are big flare Fan, I included some example containing lens flare, and night atmosphere,just to give you a start point.( insert it under or above the clouds system) The Project is very easy to customize and comments in folders and render setting will help you out if you need.
Here’s a screen capture of the project
In the main zip you will find an HTML help with some short video about replace the graphics and match your logo shape with the clouds, and how to increase or play with time.
Preview the first page of the Help Docs.

As a test I quickly insert a couple of lens flare comp, but the idea is insert your own flares if you like the final result.Click on the picture to see the help docs

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