After Effects + Cinema 4D templates

Welcome to my digital brochure, I m currently updating the site to a light and more responsive experience.Thanks for your visit !


All After Effects templates are royalty free and ready to use in your projects.Almost all of them have the tutorial online, so feel free to check it and do not hesitate in contacting me !


Most of my Cinema 4D Templates are logos and the customization is very basic, just replace a spline.Again, all tutorials for the templates are online, so have a look and give it a try !


In this section I will share some basic quick tips I discovery online, and help me to learn something more..Feel free to add comment and correct me , cause we never finish to learn !


Last Element 3D logo project, fracture any logo or shape inside after effects, and animate it in Element 3D.


This is a Cinema 4D Animation with a basic compositing in After effects, You will need Cinema 4D R15 + with the mograph module. This colorful animation made of simple primitive can be used for an extend variety of purpose.The project is well organized and require a basic understanding of the software. The customization is very easy.


Check out the Latest C4D template, very easy to customize and with many color option in post !
This file have a basic customisation, and can be used for any kind of intro for broadcasting,tech,or architectural logo animation.IN the zip file you will find a separate project helping you to replace your logo correctly, in order to copy and paste it in the final project, do a software preview and render…